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Our students deserve spaces worthy of their talents.

In each choral presentation, dramatic performance, dance recital and jazz band concert, Parish students show their promise – as artists, creative learners and future leaders. The Performance & Community Center will elevate the arts at Parish and provide a stage for campus events and milestones, bringing our School together like never before.

Parish ignites learning in children, not just in the classroom, but through experiences in the arts. Students are encouraged 
to try new things, so the football player performs in the school musical, or the science enthusiast becomes a Rosette dancer. Those experiences expand their worlds and really illuminate what they are capable of.

Lisa Griffin


Setting the Stage

For years, Parish has adapted spaces or rented off-campus facilities. Now we will showcase student talent from all grade levels in a world-class performance facility.


Illuminating Talent

Professional lighting and optimized acoustics will ensure a rich experience for both performers and audience members.


Building Community

Like never before, we will have space to host community and milestone events like the 2nd Grade Fly Up, awards ceremonies and Christmas pageants.


Inviting the World

We will host and highlight high-caliber speakers from Dallas and beyond, as well as cultural events to enrich student understanding of our global society.


  • A Performance Hall with a permanent proscenium stage and flexible seating for 600, including a balcony. Alternate configurations will provide space for a seated dinner or reception.
  • Professional-Grade Technical Features, including optimized acoustics, a control room with the latest light and sound equipment, a scene shop and storage.
  • Backstage spaces, including a Green Room and Dressing Rooms
  • A new Black Box Theater for hosting intimate performances for audiences of approximately 100.
  • A dedicated Dance Studio equipped to enhance practice and performance.
  • A Lobby to welcome guests from both exterior and interior entrances to the Center.
  • A Gallery Hall to display students’ and visiting artists’ visual art works.