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Class of 2019 names Launch ’19 Lab with Senior Gift

Jul 19, 2019

The Class of 2019 has launched beyond the walls of Parish to pursue their passions and to chase their futures. With them they take years of memories, while leaving behind a legacy: a Senior Gift of $293,780 to support the Limitless campaign.

More than three quarters of the Class of 2019 families contributed to the gift, helping the class significantly surpass their original goal of $219,000. While parent donations make up the largest percentage of dollars given, students added to the effort out of their own pockets, making the Senior Gift that much more meaningful.

“The student involvement is such a lovely component of the Senior Gift,” said Suzanne Eades, who served as Senior Gift Co-Chair along with her husband, Tom. “Parish has always emphasized to our kids the importance of giving back, and this gives them the opportunity to show their gratitude to the School and see the impact of giving philanthropically.”

With their gift to help build the new Noble Family Performing Arts Center, the class earned naming rights to a space on the Midway Campus. In a nod to how the Center for College & Life Planning helped the graduates launch into the next stage of their lives, the Class of 2019 has named the department’s conference room Launch ’19 Lab.

“The class wanted to name a space that was personally meaningful to its graduates,” said Suzanne. “The counselors, Lisa Clay and Samantha Suchala, developed great relationships with the students, and those connections had a big influence on their success transitioning to their next life stage.”

Now Class of 2019 graduates can return to their namesake Launch ’19 Lab to seek out introductions for a mentorship, internship or career connection within the broader Parish community. Parish will welcome them back and look forward to giving them a tour of the Noble Family Performing Arts Center they helped to build.

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