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Goggans family gives capstone gift

Jul 19, 2019

Mandy and Ken Goggans are new to the Parish community, but they have already made a tremendous impact on the School. The parents of two sets of twin boys – Greyson ’31 and Malachi ’31 and Abraham ’29 and Benjamin ’29 – Mandy and Ken generously gave a $2.5 million capstone gift that helped the School surpass its Limitless campaign goal. In recognition of their generosity, Parish will announce the naming of a facility in their honor this fall.

We sat down with Mandy and Ken to talk about their family, their belief in age-appropriate, child-focused curriculum and why they chose to invest in the Limitless campaign.

Your family lives east of Dallas in Rockwall County. How did you choose Parish and decide it was worth the long commute?

Mandy: Ken and I both grew up in the country. We’re very determined to
keep our boys in the country because we enjoyed that, and we want that for them. But, we’re also very committed to quality education and weren’t happy with the options we found when the boys were younger. We learned about Parish through Ken’s sister, Candace Kuhn, whose daughter Kennedy ’30 goes to school here.

Ken: Mandy did a lot of research into different schools. When she had narrowed it down to four, I took a tour of Parish and saw Dave Monaco speak at the Midway campus. His vision for the School made a lot of sense to me.

You have four boys, all with unique personalities. Why is Parish a good fit for all of them?

Mandy: Yes, they are very different from each other. But, we feel like Parish really values each child’s abilities and individuality. If they want to excel in robotics, they can. If they want to excel in sports, they can. The arts program is really great. They can do as much as they want, and it fits each of their personalities.

The 2018-19 school year was your first at Parish. How did you come to invest in the Limitless campaign so soon after coming to the School?

Mandy: We decided together that I was going to start a private school near where we live. But, we ended up not doing it for a number of reasons.

Ken: In our minds, though, we were already looking at making an investment in education for our boys. And then we found Parish, and it was already established. It’s a lot easier to invest in something than it is to try to do something from scratch.

Mandy: And, it opens up so many opportunities for other students at Parish.

Ken: At the end of the day, it was good timing for us, and we felt in our hearts that we wanted to help the School fulfill its needs.

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