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Sincovec-Gilman family campaign gift continues multi-generational legacy at Parish

Jul 19, 2019

Kathy Gilman’s positive ripple effect on our community began in the 1980s when she began working with Parish students with learning differences. Years later, her daughters, Amy Ariagno (now Parish Director of Finance) and Anne Sincovec, would send their own children to school at Parish (Sydney Ariagno ’10, Carson Ariagno, Julia Sincovec ’19 and Andrew Sincovec ’22).

As Anne’s daughter, Julia, graduated from Parish this spring after four years as a Rosette, Kathy, Anne and Anne’s husband, Jim, made a $500,000 gift to the Limitless campaign. The leadership gift will establish a dedicated space for dance and the Rosettes drill team in the new performing arts center.

Kathy, you began the Parish tradition for your family. Tell us about how that got started.

Kathy: I started working with Parish students with dyslexia in the ’80s. That was back when there was only the Hillcrest campus, and there was not even a dream of going any further. I had students who I worked with in 5th or 6th grade who now have children of their own. It’s amazing! I’ve seen the School grow tremendously.

Anne: I remember you always talking about how impressive it was that [former Head of School] Gloria Snyder stood outside at carpool and greeted every child. Dave Monaco still does that, and he knows every kid and their parents. He knows what they’re interested in, knows what they’re up to. It’s impressive.

So, Anne, it wasn’t a big jump for you to send your children to school at Parish?

Honestly, we never thought about anyplace else. I’ve been at the School one way or another since I was about 15 years old. Why would we look anywhere else when my mom is an educator and she trusted it? So it was natural for us to send Julia and Andrew here. Julia graduated as a lifer in the spring, and next year will be our 17th at Parish. I try to imagine in three or four years not being here, and I can’t quite figure out how to do that!

What have been some of your favorite memories at Parish?

Anne: I think it’s probably seeing my kids perform. Parish has helped both Andrew and Julia find and explore their interests. Andrew told me a couple years ago, “I want to be in Drumline.” “You don’t play the drums,” I said. “You don’t have to,” he said. So it started out with cymbals and then drum lessons. Now he wants to learn piano and guitar.

It was the same with Julia and dance. She was a gymnast forever, then taking dance at Parish just sort of sparked something. She was a Rosette all four years of high school, plus was in the Dance Company and added dancing with an outside company. She especially likes the discipline of drill team. Now she’s aspiring to become a Kilgore Rangerette. That is what Parish has given her. It’s changed her life.

Did Julia’s and Andrew’s interests in the arts motivate you to give to the Limitless campaign?

Kathy: Absolutely. Our family just gets more and more arts-oriented all the time! We saw that Parish desperately needed more space beyond the little bitty Black Box Theater. It’s wonderful what they do in there, but it just isn’t what it could or should be. I thought that was an important thing to make a contribution to.

Anne: We also wanted to thank the dance teachers for the difference they make. I sort of consider [Middle & Upper School dance teacher] Jessica Robinson, [Rosette Drill Team Director] Meghan Bowen and [former Rosette Drill Team Director] Dru Stine to be Julia’s second, third and fourth moms. It just makes so much sense to me to make a donation to help and honor these women who changed the trajectory of Julia’s life.

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